An Inspired Correspondence

This is what makes all the hard work of mak­ing a film all worth while.

Hi Jamil and Brittany,

Just viewed “The Amer­i­can Dream” and loved it.  Just wanted you to know.

Though not per­fect– that would have flat­tened it out!- what I found was a cast of real peo­ple, not the demographically-correct char­ac­ters usu­ally found in the cor­po­ra­tized Broadway-Hollywood axis of bleached prod­uct reg­u­larly served up as pop­u­lar cul­ture. It seems we live in a world of half-truths cre­ated by a junk food media that serves a cor­rupted polit­i­cal sys­tem.  It’s def­i­nitely time to think about how to dis­man­tle the plan­ta­tion and then get busy.

Though your film was made two years ago, it is still (sadly) rel­e­vant and cur­rent but of course the larger themes remain universal. As a result I was very moved. The story is mov­ing in itself, actu­ally obvi­ous.  But it was what could be called “the pass­ing show of life” that got to me. This was woven though­out the piece.

The film is also quite inven­tive and edgy and quirky and never self-conscious. I found the nar­ra­tive and con­ti­nu­ity and edit­ing nat­ural and easy, know­ingly gov­erned by the human rhythms onscreen. You trusted your char­ac­ters — that’s the mir­a­cle when one finds peo­ple por­trayed in an hon­est and earnest way which illu­mi­nates our lives and con­di­tion.  They look and sound like us, so truth can be found there.

So, thanks and BRAVO.  May you long con­tinue to real­ize your vision and never stray from your ideals.

Your friend, sin­cerely,

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