An Inspired Correspondence

This is what makes all the hard work of making a film all worth while.

Hi Jamil and Brittany,

Just viewed “The American Dream” and loved it.  Just wanted you to know.

Though not perfect- that would have flattened it out!- what I found was a cast of real people, not the demographically-correct characters usually found in the corporatized Broadway-Hollywood axis of bleached product regularly served up as popular culture. It seems we live in a world of half-truths created by a junk food media that serves a corrupted political system.  It’s definitely time to think about how to dismantle the plantation and then get busy.

Though your film was made two years ago, it is still (sadly) relevant and current but of course the larger themes remain universal. As a result I was very moved. The story is moving in itself, actually obvious.  But it was what could be called “the passing show of life” that got to me. This was woven thoughout the piece.

The film is also quite inventive and edgy and quirky and never self-conscious. I found the narrative and continuity and editing natural and easy, knowingly governed by the human rhythms onscreen. You trusted your characters – that’s the miracle when one finds people portrayed in an honest and earnest way which illuminates our lives and condition.  They look and sound like us, so truth can be found there.

So, thanks and BRAVO.  May you long continue to realize your vision and never stray from your ideals.

Your friend, sincerely,