STEAL THAT HORSE — A nar­ra­tive fea­ture com­ing soon, co-written/directed by Brit­tany Bal­lard and Jamil Walker Smith. Are you ready?

REPEAT AFTER ME  (In Devel­op­ment)

Daughter's Keeper Novel

A nar­ra­tive feature/screen adap­ta­tion of Ayelet Waldman’s crit­i­cally acclaimed novel, Daughter’s Keeper. Writ­ten by Brit­tany Bal­lard and to be co-directed by Brit­tany Bal­lard and Jamil Walker Smith in Oak­land, 2015.

THE AMER­I­CAN DREAM (pre­vi­ous title: MAKE A MOVIE LIKE SPIKE(In release)

THE AMERICAN DREAM poster‘Objects In Mir­ror Are Closer Than They Appear’

THE AMER­I­CAN DREAM cen­ters on Luis, a young man who is rejected from USC’s School of Cin­e­matic Arts and decides to attend LA City Col­lege instead. Cir­cum­stances that seem to over­whelm his pas­sage into man­hood and his devel­op­ment as an artist force him to drop out of LACC and join the Marine Corp with his best friend Ronald. Armed with dreams that extend beyond their block, Luis and Ronald make a movie doc­u­ment­ing their last 36 hours before ship­ping off to Afghanistan. In their dark­est hour, they turn on the video cam­era for the last time and doc­u­ment the final moments of their jour­ney home. They soon real­ize that their dreams and promises of a new life mean noth­ing in a place called War.

An orig­i­nal screen­play writ­ten and directed by Jamil Walker Smith. Pro­duced by Brit­tany Bal­lard. Star­ring Mr. Smith, Mal­colm Good­win, and Chris­tine Dun­ford. Please visit IMDB for more information.

WILD GEESE - a short film written/directed by Brit­tany Bal­lard and Jamil Walker Smith.

East Los Ange­les. Today. The first day of the rest of her life. Bar­bara Good­man has retired, and the next chap­ter begins, one day at a time.

THE PYN (In Devel­op­ment) — An orig­i­nal screen­play writ­ten and to be directed by Jamil Walker Smith.

A satir­i­cal romp through the prison indus­trial complex.

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